The Probiotic Series: An Introduction to Probiotics

Probiotics are everywhere. You’ve probably seen them in your local supermarket or had your friend go on about the supposed health benefits. This is a rapidly expanding industry, with sales of probiotics exceeding $35 billion in 2015 and set to reach $65 billion by 2024(1). However, as with all things nutrition, there is a lotContinue reading “The Probiotic Series: An Introduction to Probiotics”

The UK’s Best Vegan Protein Bars

I have recently started to find myself being a bit more active throughout the day. I am walking a lot more, including more work outs and just being a bit busier than normal. I wanted to find a tasty snack that would keep me full and energised but was also super convenient and I couldContinue reading “The UK’s Best Vegan Protein Bars”

How to Eat a More Sustainable Diet

Last week was Earth Day.  If you haven’t heard of it before, Earth Day seeks to highlight the important environmental issues we are all facing, empowering individuals and governments to take action and make vital changes. Though there is a specific earth day, events often run the course of April.  While Earth Day may beContinue reading “How to Eat a More Sustainable Diet”

Top Tips for Eating Enough Fibre on a Low FODMAP Diet

Getting enough fibre can seem tricky when on a low FODMAP diet but it is important to add to your diet as it can help IBS symptoms and is good for overall health. Below are my top tips for hitting your daily fibre goal without even noticing. Sneak in some vegetables – whether you areContinue reading “Top Tips for Eating Enough Fibre on a Low FODMAP Diet”

Mineral Basics: Calcium

Did you know calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the body, with up to 99% of the calcium in our bodies stored in our bones(1). Calcium functions to(2): build strong teeth and bones aid in blood clot formation regulate muscle contractions help hormones release If you are vegan or trying to reduce dairyContinue reading “Mineral Basics: Calcium”

Quick and Easy Vegan Mediterranean Salad

With the weather getting warmer, I start to crave salads and love a simple recipe that takes less than ten minutes to prepare. It is my go to salad in the summer months. IBS friendly with all the ingredient being low FODMAP and filled with nutritious vegetables. The cucumber adds crunch and the olives areContinue reading “Quick and Easy Vegan Mediterranean Salad”

5 Quick and Easy Vegan IBS Friendly Snacks

When I first became vegan I was always looking for filling and healthy snacks that could also keep my IBS happy. So I thought I would share my top 5 snacks that I always come back to and are super quick to put together. 1. Peanut butter, Banana and Rice Cakes 2 tbsp peanut butterContinue reading “5 Quick and Easy Vegan IBS Friendly Snacks”

Fresh v Frozen – what should you buy?

When it comes to food shopping we want the best value for our money and fresh fruit and veg can look more appealing. There are lots of myths floating around about frozen options. Maybe you’ve been told that fresh is best and you don’t even peak into the frozen aisle. Or that frozen options haveContinue reading “Fresh v Frozen – what should you buy?”