Top Tips for Eating Enough Fibre on a Low FODMAP Diet

Getting enough fibre can seem tricky when on a low FODMAP diet but it is important to add to your diet as it can help IBS symptoms and is good for overall health.

Below are my top tips for hitting your daily fibre goal without even noticing.

  • Sneak in some vegetables – whether you are making a smoothie or a curry, throw in an extra vegetable to top up your fibre. Spinach is  great in smoothies as it is virtually tasteless but you still get a serving of vegetable into your drink
  • Keep the skin on – eat potato skins  (that’s where the most fibre is found), roast your carrots with the skin, little things can add up to help you hit your goal
  • Opt for wholemeal and wholegrain such as brown rice instead of your usual white rice
  • Snack on low FODMAP fruits such as strawberries and oranges
  • Add seeds and nuts where possible – they are tasty and crunchy and go great added on yogurts, salads and pasta
  • Add either flaxseed or chia seeds to your breakfasts – great for gut health, those that follow a vegan diet and are full of fibre
  • Keep frozen vegetables in the house – usually they are pre chopped and super quick to cook. When you are tired or not feeling up to cooking they are easy to add to most meals with little thought or energy.
  • Don’t be afraid to use canned foods  such as canned chickpeas or lentils – like frozen veg there is little preparation involved, don’t require overnight soaking and when rinsed properly can be eaten in low FODMAP portions

By following these tips and tricks you should be well on your way to eatings a fibre filled diet and helping your gut to thrive. Let me know if you have any different tips for adding fibre to your diet.

Side note: you may be tempted to buy products that are marketed with ‘added fibre’. These are usually found on products that are gluten free or in health bars. However, the fibre these products contain such as inulin and chicory root can actually aggravate IBS and cause further digestive issues. Make sure to check ingredient labels. For the most part these products can be expensive and unnecessary. If you are eating a wide range of foods and being fibre conscious you should be reaching your fibre goal easily.

For more ideas on how to add fibre to your diet, take a look at my day of fibre for IBS  post that gives you an example of a day of eating for fibre.

Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

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