Top Tips for Travelling with IBS

Going on holiday should be a relaxing and fun time. A time for adventures and new experiences.  But, for those of us with IBS, the idea of going away and disrupting our routine causes anxiety and stress.  There are new foods, changes in routine and general holiday stress to contend with, which can unfortunately causeContinue reading “Top Tips for Travelling with IBS”

Why is your IBS worse during your period?

If you are someone who has periods, then you have probably experienced the changes your body goes through. Maybe you’ve had a hormonal driven acne breakout, mood swings that cause you to cry at the most unexpected thing, a craving for chocolate that seems endless or more than likely, all of the above! You mightContinue reading “Why is your IBS worse during your period?”

Should you drink alcohol if you have IBS?

Did you know the average UK person drinks approx 18 units of alcohol per week. This is 4 units above the recommended amount.  The UK government recommends that both men and women drink a maximum of 14 units per week, preferably spread across the course of the week, having at least two days without anyContinue reading “Should you drink alcohol if you have IBS?”

Fruit and Veg Free From FODMAPs

It’s great to have some food choices that you can enjoy as much as you want without having to worry about portions. Fruit and vegetables are something that should be included in everyones diet, but many contain FODMAPs in high levels!  But, there is such a thing as fruit and veg without FODMAPs!! To makeContinue reading “Fruit and Veg Free From FODMAPs”

UK Vegan Low FODMAP Milk Brands

A while ago I wrote a post about the different types of vegan milk and which ones meet low FODMAP standards (you can find that here). And while it is helpful to know what type of milks you can try, it is also to helpful to see what the best brands are in the UKContinue reading “UK Vegan Low FODMAP Milk Brands”

Top Tips for Eating Enough Fibre on a Low FODMAP Diet

Getting enough fibre can seem tricky when on a low FODMAP diet but it is important to add to your diet as it can help IBS symptoms and is good for overall health. Below are my top tips for hitting your daily fibre goal without even noticing. Sneak in some vegetables – whether you areContinue reading “Top Tips for Eating Enough Fibre on a Low FODMAP Diet”

A Day of Fibre for IBS

When I first went vegan and was still trying to navigate my way through the tough world of managing my IBS I found it useful to see examples of what people were eating daily to make sure they were meeting important macro and micro nutrient goals. One of the key aspects of nutrition, particularly whenContinue reading “A Day of Fibre for IBS”

5 Quick and Easy Vegan IBS Friendly Snacks

When I first became vegan I was always looking for filling and healthy snacks that could also keep my IBS happy. So I thought I would share my top 5 snacks that I always come back to and are super quick to put together. 1. Peanut butter, Banana and Rice Cakes 2 tbsp peanut butterContinue reading “5 Quick and Easy Vegan IBS Friendly Snacks”