UK Vegan Low FODMAP Milk Brands

A while ago I wrote a post about the different types of vegan milk and which ones meet low FODMAP standards (you can find that here). And while it is helpful to know what type of milks you can try, it is also to helpful to see what the best brands are in the UK you can be trying.  When you go to the supermarket it can be overwhelming, with whole aisles dedicated to dairy free milks! Hopefully this list will help you whittle down your choices and make shopping a little easier.

So without further ado, my list of low FODMAP vegan milk brands.

I’ve separated each vegan milk option into high price tag and low price tag options.  I have also included if the milk is fortified or unfortified. If you are completely vegan, a fortified milk can provide you with essential nutrients such as B12 and calcium.

Soy Milk:

In the UK, a soy milk that is actually low FODMAP is very hard to find, in fact after a long search through the internet, I couldn’t find a single UK soy milk made with soy protein! If you are able too find one please let me know and comment below!Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 12.29.40

Most, such as alpro, are made with hulled or whole soya bean which isn’t low FODMAP. Very frustrating but definitely not the end of the world. I promise there are delicious alternatives out there.

However, if you happen to be passing through Australia or New Zealand, you’ll be in better luck. A lot of soy milk brands use soy protein. When I was in New Zealand, my go to was the reasonably priced option from Sanitarium So Good Soy Milk.

Almond Milk:

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 12.29.48

Hemp Milk:Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 12.29.53

While hemp milk is available in the UK, the only one I could find that was in a wider range of shops was, Good Hemp Seed Drink.  None of the shops I scanned through had an own brand version. However, this product is  reasonably priced for a milk that isn’t so common, coming in at £2.00 a bottle. If you are looking for something a bit different, this is worth a try.




Oat Milk:

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 12.29.59

*Oat milk is low FODMAP at 30ml  and FODMAPs increase the more you drink, however I love oat milk and find it is delicious if you want just a splash in your coffee – oatly froths really nicely to make a flat white! Go all out and get the Barista edition if you want a coffee that tastes like it was made at your fave cafe.

Rice Milk:

There isn’t much in the price of these drinks, it’s more dependant on where you buy from. I don’t believe any large supermarket does an own brand version.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 12.30.07

Coconut Milk:

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 12.30.14

*UHT coconut milk is low FODMAP up to 125ml. If it is not UHT, a half cup serving is considered high FODMAP


A lot of the cheaper options are the shops own brand milk. After trying many different vegan milks from many different shops, almost all of the own brand options and even some of the branded options, taste very similar. The difference lies in the type of milk you prefer. At the moment I am doing all of my shopping at Asda and so use exclusively asda’s own brand of oat milk. It’s tasty and has a low price to go with it.  Price is also dependant on where you shop, e.g Asda and Waitrose stock the same milks but Asda tends to be a bit cheaper.

I hope this helps when doing your FODMAP appropriate shopping. Remember, while a milk may not be fully low FODMAP, you don’t have to eliminate FODMAPS completely. See what works for you. I drink oat milk and find no issues, but I only use small amounts in my coffee and porridge.  If you want to learn more about vegan milk and the FODMAP diet check out my Which Milk? post.

What is your favourite brand of vegan FODMAP friendly milk?

Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash

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