The UK’s Best Vegan Protein Bars

I have recently started to find myself being a bit more active throughout the day. I am walking a lot more, including more work outs and just being a bit busier than normal. I wanted to find a tasty snack that would keep me full and energised but was also super convenient and I couldContinue reading “The UK’s Best Vegan Protein Bars”

How to Eat a More Sustainable Diet

Last week was Earth Day.  If you haven’t heard of it before, Earth Day seeks to highlight the important environmental issues we are all facing, empowering individuals and governments to take action and make vital changes. Though there is a specific earth day, events often run the course of April.  While Earth Day may beContinue reading “How to Eat a More Sustainable Diet”

A Day of Fibre for IBS

When I first went vegan and was still trying to navigate my way through the tough world of managing my IBS I found it useful to see examples of what people were eating daily to make sure they were meeting important macro and micro nutrient goals. One of the key aspects of nutrition, particularly whenContinue reading “A Day of Fibre for IBS”