10 Things to Do the Day After an IBS Attack

The day after having a particularly bad IBS attack you can feel a bit worse for ware. You may still be experiencing some painful symptoms or your body may just be completely exhausted. We have all been there and after years of having my bad days this is my list of ten things to doContinue reading “10 Things to Do the Day After an IBS Attack”

In the news: Talking Therapy for IBS?

Introduction: The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), recommends face-to-face cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for patients with IBS, however, Dr Hazel Everitt, Associate Professor in General Practice at the University of Southampton, realised that within the resource constrained NHS the availability of (CBT) for the treatment of IBS was extremely limited. With this in mind,Continue reading “In the news: Talking Therapy for IBS?”

Kombucha – Worth The Hype?

You may have probably seen Kombucha all over the place. Splashed over Instagram, in health food shops, in cafes and at the gym. Health claims that seem to good to be true and in some cases a price tag that doesn’t seem justifiable. New superfoods pop up all the time and in all honesty mostContinue reading “Kombucha – Worth The Hype?”

In the News: Urine Tests to Diagnose IBS?

Introduction Currently there is no biochemical or histopatholigcal test to diagnose IBS. Diagnosis is usually done by eliminating the possibility of other gastrointestinal disorders. This can be a lengthy process and usually involve quite invasive procedures, such as colonoscopies. This new study was conducted in order to find a better and quicker way to diagnoseContinue reading “In the News: Urine Tests to Diagnose IBS?”

5 Things You Didn’t Know About IBS

Stress does NOT cause IBS, but is a trigger for symptomsOnly half of IBS patients seek medical help – if you feel that you have IBS or know you do but haven’t taken the issue further with you GP, don’t be afraid to go get the help you deserve (1)IBS has been studied for moreContinue reading “5 Things You Didn’t Know About IBS”