Quick and Easy Vegan Mediterranean Salad

With the weather getting warmer, I start to crave salads and love a simple recipe that takes less than ten minutes to prepare. It is my go to salad in the summer months. IBS friendly with all the ingredient being low FODMAP and filled with nutritious vegetables. The cucumber adds crunch and the olives areContinue reading “Quick and Easy Vegan Mediterranean Salad”

In The News: Is Algae The Cure for IBS?

You may have seen algae supplements before, heard of spirulina? The blue powder you find in health food shops and makes your smoothies look extra colourful. That is a type of algae. Recently a study looking at Chlamydomonas reihardtii, a form of algae that had not previously been studied for its health benefits, was foundContinue reading “In The News: Is Algae The Cure for IBS?”

5 Quick and Easy Vegan IBS Friendly Snacks

When I first became vegan I was always looking for filling and healthy snacks that could also keep my IBS happy. So I thought I would share my top 5 snacks that I always come back to and are super quick to put together. 1. Peanut butter, Banana and Rice Cakes 2 tbsp peanut butterContinue reading “5 Quick and Easy Vegan IBS Friendly Snacks”

Fresh v Frozen – what should you buy?

When it comes to food shopping we want the best value for our money and fresh fruit and veg can look more appealing. There are lots of myths floating around about frozen options. Maybe you’ve been told that fresh is best and you don’t even peak into the frozen aisle. Or that frozen options haveContinue reading “Fresh v Frozen – what should you buy?”

Is downward dog the way to treat IBS?

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to get a handle on your IBS and find ways to reduce your symptoms. So is yoga one of these ways to help you? What is Yoga? Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “yuj”, to unite the mind, body and spirit. Yoga includes pranayamaContinue reading “Is downward dog the way to treat IBS?”

IBS or Colon Cancer?

While it is scary to think about, it is important to understand and know the difference between IBS and colon cancer as the symptoms can at first appear very similar. So, lets break down this scary topic, starting with …. What is colon cancer? Colon cancer is a form of cancer that develops in theContinue reading “IBS or Colon Cancer?”

Chia Seeds – A Nutrition Powerhouse?

Welcome to another superfoods article, this time looking at the tiny little seed known as chia. You have probably seen recipes for chia seed pudding, jams and all sorts of things. This is a versatile and delicious food. But should we be calling it a superfood and what are the benefits of this seed? WhatContinue reading “Chia Seeds – A Nutrition Powerhouse?”

Covid-19 and IBS: What you need to know

Coronavirus 101 What is coronavirus(1) Covid-19 is the most recently discovered form of a disease from the coronavirus family. Coronaviruses also include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). How it it spread(1) Covid 19 is a respiratory virus and as such is primarily spread through droplets coming from an infected personContinue reading “Covid-19 and IBS: What you need to know”