Top Tips for Travelling with IBS

Going on holiday should be a relaxing and fun time. A time for adventures and new experiences.  But, for those of us with IBS, the idea of going away and disrupting our routine causes anxiety and stress.  There are new foods, changes in routine and general holiday stress to contend with, which can unfortunately causeContinue reading “Top Tips for Travelling with IBS”

The Probiotic Series: An Introduction to Probiotics

Probiotics are everywhere. You’ve probably seen them in your local supermarket or had your friend go on about the supposed health benefits. This is a rapidly expanding industry, with sales of probiotics exceeding $35 billion in 2015 and set to reach $65 billion by 2024(1). However, as with all things nutrition, there is a lotContinue reading “The Probiotic Series: An Introduction to Probiotics”

The UK’s Best Vegan Protein Bars

I have recently started to find myself being a bit more active throughout the day. I am walking a lot more, including more work outs and just being a bit busier than normal. I wanted to find a tasty snack that would keep me full and energised but was also super convenient and I couldContinue reading “The UK’s Best Vegan Protein Bars”

How to Eat a More Sustainable Diet

Last week was Earth Day.  If you haven’t heard of it before, Earth Day seeks to highlight the important environmental issues we are all facing, empowering individuals and governments to take action and make vital changes. Though there is a specific earth day, events often run the course of April.  While Earth Day may beContinue reading “How to Eat a More Sustainable Diet”

Why is your IBS worse during your period?

If you are someone who has periods, then you have probably experienced the changes your body goes through. Maybe you’ve had a hormonal driven acne breakout, mood swings that cause you to cry at the most unexpected thing, a craving for chocolate that seems endless or more than likely, all of the above! You mightContinue reading “Why is your IBS worse during your period?”

Should you drink alcohol if you have IBS?

Did you know the average UK person drinks approx 18 units of alcohol per week. This is 4 units above the recommended amount.  The UK government recommends that both men and women drink a maximum of 14 units per week, preferably spread across the course of the week, having at least two days without anyContinue reading “Should you drink alcohol if you have IBS?”

Fruit and Veg Free From FODMAPs

It’s great to have some food choices that you can enjoy as much as you want without having to worry about portions. Fruit and vegetables are something that should be included in everyones diet, but many contain FODMAPs in high levels!  But, there is such a thing as fruit and veg without FODMAPs!! To makeContinue reading “Fruit and Veg Free From FODMAPs”

UK Vegan Low FODMAP Milk Brands

A while ago I wrote a post about the different types of vegan milk and which ones meet low FODMAP standards (you can find that here). And while it is helpful to know what type of milks you can try, it is also to helpful to see what the best brands are in the UKContinue reading “UK Vegan Low FODMAP Milk Brands”